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What-Grinds-My-Gears.com was started May 21st 2008.

I started this site to let out all the problems that bother me. I got the idea for the name from Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. I had to put the hyphens in the name because someone is trying to sell the non-hyphenated site for several hundred dollars. I’ll end up writing a gear grinding post about it eventually.

I will try to have at least one post, picture, sound, or movie added every week Month whenever.

This site will have commentary, movies, pictures, sounds, and perhaps vulgarities. Please, if you’re under 18 years of age, be forewarned.


My name is Jay. I’m currently living in the Greater Chicagoland Area. I’m a 28 year old computer and car geek. I’m cooler than you.
I’m married to the bestest person ever, and she’s cooler than you too.

My name is Elwood. I’m currently living in a basement. I’m old enough to drink, but not old enough to collect social security. I think I’m cooler than you. If you ever watch the movies “frogs” or “battlefield earth” AND like them, you’re in sync with me.