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Weather Forecasts

Posted in Things at 2:50 pm by bsdman

You know what grinds my gears? It’s those weather sites that display “current” temperature along with “forecasted” temperature. They’re almost always wrong!

Notice in the picture the forecast for TODAY is 79F. Notice once again that the current temperature is 86F. How fucking difficult would it be to write a script similar to the following:

If current_temp > forecast_high, set forecast_high to current_temp;
If current_temp < forecast_low, set forecast_low to current_temp; OH MY GOD I'M AMAZING! All that without a programming background, can't you tell? Maybe I should go into weather forecasting - I couldn't possibly be any worse than the bozos currently in that field:

Forecast – SUNNY high of 82F. Actual Cloudy high of 93F and raining.

If I could run my business like that – “how long do you think it would take to setup a Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, and email server?” “15 minutes!”

And that’s what grinds my gears.

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