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People Who Can’t Flush

Posted in People at 3:41 pm by bsdman

You know what grinds my gears? It’s people who can’t flush a toilet.


Being a guy, this is completely a guy’s perspective – so if you have any qualms keep that in mind. The men’s room is a dirty place. Guys pee. Everywhere. We rarely clean up. It’s gross.


There is the mentality of “if it’s already dirty, why should I make [i]any[/i] effort in maintaining a clean standard?” Well, perhaps it’s because you need to lead by example.


I went to the men’s room today and there was someone talking on their cell phone in a toilet stall. I won’t even go into how absurd it is to talk on the phone while in the bathroom, but this guy did the following:

Pissed in the toilet
Walked to the sink
Ran the water over his hands for 3 seconds with no soap
Opened the door to the bathroom with his wet hand

Am I the only one disgusted by that? Flush the God-Damned toilet!

And that’s what grinds my gears.