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People That Use Their Brakes Too Often

Posted in People at 9:24 am by bsdman

You know what grinds my gears? It’s people that hit their brakes too often.


I know – it sure beats the alternative of people not hitting their brakes often enough, but there has to be some sort of happy medium. And for 93.25% of the people out there, we’ve found it. It’s that other 6.75% that screw it up for everyone else.

I happened to be following a Beige-Gold GMC Sierra Van the other day. On a road that is approximately 2.46 miles long and has 2 stop signs. Guess what? They hit their brakes 27 times. They also stopped at both stop signs. TWENTY NINE FUCKING TIMES! I wanted to stab them. With my car. Repeatedly.


Another vehicle, on another trip, was driving exactly the speed limit with no ability to pass. I’m not a big fan of people driving the exact speed limit, but it doesn’t really matter too much in the long run. However, this person was tapping their brakes at EVERY road and sign. That would drop their speed from “exactly the speed limit” to “significantly less than the speed limit”. With a such modern marvels known as “the internet”, “GPS”, “Maps”, “phones”, and “common sense”, do we really have to stop at every road to see if it’s what we wanted? Or if we pass our road is it game-over? Do you not realize that if you’ve gone past your destination you can ACTUALLY TURN AROUND AND GO BACK??? Oh that’s right, no one has “common sense” anymore. Jerkasses.

The third vehicle I must mention is the vehicle that was constantly on the brakes. At first I thought the vehicle had an issue – some sort of short in the electrical system that forced the brake lights to stay lit. Nope, after spending some time behind the vehicle on the highway (yes, the highway doing 65 mph +) I could smell the faint hint of burning brakes. And after I ended up passing said car the smell went away. So, if you can picture this, a vehicle driving down the highway at 65+ with the gas AND brake pedals both pressed to varying degrees. Killing the gas mileage and your vehicle in one fell swoop.


Brakes are there to stop your vehicle. Brake lights are there to inform people behind you that you are slowing down/stopping your vehicle. So stop being assholes.

And that’s what grinds my gears.


  1. Pipeline said,

    August 31, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    LIMIT: the greatest possible degree of something, as far as something can go, the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed

    If you are ina 55mph zone and you travel 56mph, even to pass, you are breaking the law. If someone is going out of their way to stop you from passing, or they are completely oblivious to people trying to pass, they are jerks. But if it just happens that you are unable to pass a person traveling at the MAXIMUM RATE OF TRAVEL ALLOWED BY LAW, then that is just the way it is. What grinds my gears Peter, is drivers that ride right up on my ass because they can’t pass me even though I am traveling at the limit. At some point in the last ten years the speed maximum became the speed minimum in most peoples minds. My wife and I wwere driving on a single lane road, at 55 mph when we approched a curve. She took her foot off the gas and her speed dropped to around 50. The people behind us, who had been right on out tail for 5 -10 minutes, began honking. It’s NOT the speed minimum. That same stretch of road has the highest number of fatalities in the state of New Hampshire. From people passing who were impatient.
    It’s like music downloading. If you want to do it, fine. I don’t have a problem with anyone gettign free music. But don’t lie to me or yourself, it’s stealing. If you’re cool with that, great. But it IS stealing. I love that “we deserve this music, they have too much money anyway” crap. Thay created it, you took it without paying or permission, that’s stealing.

    If you want to speed, great. I don’t have a problem with that, I always get out of the way if I can. But I’m not gonna cry cause you can’t break the law and I’m not going to go out of my way to move and I’m CERTAINLY not going to speed up for you. In fact the best, sure-fire way to get me to slow down is to ride my bumper.

  2. bsdman said,

    September 28, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    I agree with parts of your comment:
    It IS breaking the law if you go over the speed limit.

    I can honestly say that I dislike when people ride my bumper. And, just as you do, I am more tempted to slow down rather than speed up. However, I don’t ride people’s bumpers – that’s a quick way to cause an accident.

    Who decides on the speed limits? I’ve driven automobiles that could handle well over double the posted speed limit. I’ve also driven automobiles that could very well fall apart if I went even 5 over the posted limit. ALSO, the “limit” is chosen as the supposed 85% of the speed – which means that the posted limit is what 85% of the vehicles on the road will obey within a 10% range (ie 55mph sign people will drive anywhere from 50-60mph). Recently in Minnesota they increased the posted limits from 75 to 85mph, and you know what? The average speed of vehicles stayed the same. Woah, so people know what their driving limits are??? No way! AND accidents have remained the same? NO WAY!

    The point of the rant was to tell people that they are not the only ones on the road – that if they pass their destination they could always turn around – that they need not drive with the brakes engaged – and that they need not hit the brakes every 2 to 5 seconds. It would be ignorant to think otherwise.

    As a final note: speed is length/time. So if I’m driving 50mph, in one hour I should have driven 50 miles. You can look at it the other way too: If I drove for 50 miles and it took me 2 hours, I can say I averaged 25mph. So what about when it takes me an hour to drive home from work? My work is 31 miles away from my house.

    So 31miles/1 hour. 31mph.

    But the posted speed limits are as follows:
    30mph for 1 mile
    40mph for 3 miles
    45mph for 6 miles
    55mph for 21 miles

    As I’m not a math person and the numbers get a little more tricky, I’ll just safely say that my average of 31mph is well below the posted limits average.

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