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Posted in People at 12:08 pm by bsdman

You know what grinds my gears? It’s the police.


No, not the band. They had some pretty good stuff back in the day. Although that Sting sure does… nevermind.

I was recently pulled over by one of the law’s finest for absolutely no reason. I mean, it’s not like I’m DWB or something.

Here’s how it went down:
Left my Woman’s place of residence Sunday at around 9:45PM.
Drove roughly 1/2 mile down a main road (6 lane road) driving 42MPH in a 40MPH zone in the right most lane.
Notice a police car driving the opposite direction in the opposite set of lanes in the left most lane.
As soon as I pass the police car, he pulls a U-Turn.
Approach a red light, so I do the ‘nice’ thing and move to the center lane so he can turn right on red.
Stop at the red light.
Light turns green, I slowly make my way forward (stress slowly here). Police car doesn’t move.
After I’m through the intersection, the police car drives forward, then switches lanes behind me.
Another half mile down the road he flips his lights on. I change lanes to the right lane, then pull into a gas station.
I then turn off the car, and since my e-brake sticks I put the car in gear.
Police man comes up to my window and asks for my drivers license and proof of insurance. I hand him both things.
About a minute later another police car shows up and boxes me in so I can’t ‘escape’.
Five or so minutes later the police man comes back to my window and hands my stuff back.
Cop: “Well, there’s nothing wrong, but I pulled you over because you have a burned out license plate light”
Me: “Oh, really?”
Cop: “You should get that fixed”
Me: “Yeah, I’ll get right on that…”
Cop: “Have a good evening”
Me: “Yeah”


Thanks for wasting 10+ minutes of my life just because you wanted to pull my car over. Jerkass, no way in hell you could see a burned out bulb IN THE REAR OF THE CAR FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Fucktard. That, and it takes two cops to pull me over? Maybe you two have the burned out bulbs.


Waste of tax dollars anyone?

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