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Cray Kaiser

Posted in People at 3:09 pm by bsdman

You know what grinds my gears? It’s CrayKaiser.com. Yes, they grind my gears.

One of their systems is infected with a trojan.downloader program. I informed them they have an infected system and they ignored both my requests for them to check it out and also my tips and pointers to find out which system is infected. I PROVED they have an infected system. AT LEAST one of their systems is infected. No doubt about it. I guess technically it could be their SBS 2003 server that’s infected. In that case ALL of their email correspondence could be compromised. I know I wouldn’t do business with a company that values security so little.

Now I have blacklisted mail.craykaiser.com (IP of from sending any email to any of the customers I service.

What is even more disturbing (other than the lack of technical knowledge on their end), is that craykaiser.com is an accounting firm. That means they deal with numbers, accounts, and finances. AND they have a trojan.downloader program IN THEIR INFRASTRUCTURE. Obviously security is not something they take seriously. I mean, I took time out of my day to help them, and they just flat out ignore my requests.

This is a warning to all those SPAM producing, virus sharing, illegal internet using jerkfaces – don’t fuck with the master.

And that’s what grinds my gears.

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