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Big Bad Government

Posted in People at 12:43 pm by bsdman

You know what grinds my gears? It’s people that think their government is out to get them.

These people feel the need to yell at the top of their lungs that the government is out to get them and everything in daily life is just one big conspiracy. My favorite is when people say toothpaste has fluoride in it just so the government can track you. Guess what? If our government could track you by fluoride use then any other government could as well. You really think a government would like to have everyone know where everyone else is? And how is that feasible anyway? How would you distinguish between one user of fluoride and another? Or does it mix in with our DNA to make some super signal that is different on each person? AHHHHhhhh!!!

Here’s a recent quote I found off an auto website:

A 100% gasoline free vehicle is possible and has been for a long time. Even 25 years ago there were 100 mpg V-8 inventions that the government bought the inventions from private citizens, paid them off and threated their lives to keep quiet just to protect the oil companies financials. Get real people, this energy crunch is a sham created to control the people. When the oil is gone, these other inventions will suddenly come to light and all will be saved, except for the air we breath. Thank you to the U.S. Government for the lung cancer…

Um, really? The first sentence is the only one that actually makes sense – we’ve had battery operated vehicles for years now. But a gas engine getting 100mpg? I’ve read that some people have been able to mod their Toyota Prius to attain just over 100mpg. That’s a hybrid system with a 4 cylinder 1.5L engine. The smallest car-based V8 I can find is a Chrysler Hemi 2.5L V8. Generally V8 powered vehicles are between 4L and 8L. And the government can keep a tight lid on this “technology” but can’t silence this one single person? Get real indeed.

And that’s what grinds my gears.

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