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Posted in Things at 2:57 pm by bsdman

You know what grinds my gears?  It’s SPAM.

SPAM is one of those things that everyone knows – but if you’re one of the people who doesn’t I will post a few examples:

From: me
To: me
Subject: LowPrice Pharmacy, 10pills CailisY=$38, 10pills ViagraL=$33, 10pills Levitr=$56, over 35,000 satisfied customers purchased from us mnuvsw h03
Body: [various links]
rqen6ya 322kdlg jezb 9lxb z415ey y4v73gb p9h q77yuhh7 ybip apvrsf 6d114uy

Or on this blog I get more SPAM:
Name: balabo3_jm | Email: balabo3_gk@funkytimes.com | URI: http://index3.ruterta.ru | IP:
http://index4.supergerta.ru >fergie london bridge ????????? http://index2.ruterta.ru >iru 1214 ??????????? ??????? http://index1.ruterta.ru >111 ???? ??? ???????? ? ?????????????? http://index6.ruterta.ru >10 ??????? ?????????? ????? http://index4.ruterta.ru >iris ?????? manual ru


Yeah, like I’m really going to click on those links.  My favorite are the emails that actually have no links and just jumbled words in the body.  I just read a report from Cisco that says 17.2% of all email SPAM comes from the United States of America.  Good old US of A.  The next closest is Turkey, which has a 9.2% market share.  Yay US.

Even stranger is the comments that are just crap:
fBZ9p3 hko9E3dnVxga1jOps
What’s the point?

Instead of spelling everything incorrectly and trying to sell everyone Penis Biggerizers, maybe the SPAMMERS could all get together and learn a business model or two.  I can just imagine that meeting:

“Wait, so people don’t want to buy pills from a SPAM source?  Johnson, why didn’t you tell me earlier???  I thought people like when we send out billions of unsolicited emails every day”.  Fuckers.


At work, 33% of all of our emails are high rated SPAM (score of 8 or higher).  Thirty-three freakin percent.  In a year, that equates to roughly 850,000 emails.  We block all those too.  There’s probably another 5 to 10 thousand that, while are still SPAM, somehow make it through all the filters.

As a consultant at a financial institution, we had almost 80% of our mail listed as high SPAM (8 or higher).  And there we saw 43,680,000 a year.  That’s 43 million SPAM emails every year.  AAAAAAAhhhhhhh!  NOBODY WANTS TO BUY YOUR SHITTING TONERS, PHARMACEUTICALS, OR CORPORATE STOCKS!!!

And that’s what grinds my gears.

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